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Welcome to Tattered Halo Designs. This is the home for icons, graphics
and resources created by tatteredhalo. You may have seen some of the
older graphics circulating under the name forsakensilence as this was my
old username. All of my graphics, new and old, will now be permanently
stored here for your use.


You must join the community to see the graphics. You may do so
by clicking "join this community" at the top of the user info page.

As with any other graphic community, crediting is a must. Icons
should be credited under keyword. Graphics should be credited
on your user info page. Brushes can simply be credited in your
resource post. I prefer credit to be given to the community, and
not to tatteredhalo. This helps others find the community more

Direct linking of graphics is strictly prohibited. Please see
the resource page for information on free graphic storage locations.

This is not a request community. It is a place to display and share
my work for others to use. I have begun taking on custom work
for a small fee. Please see this entry for more specific information.

Promoting of other communities is prohibited. There are
plenty of places elsewhere on livejournal to do so.



Please go here to find a complete listing of all
resources used.


If you would like your community to become an affiliate, please
leave a comment with your request.

Fated Graphics



Current layout was designed and coded by
teneraestnox / tendergraphics
(All graphics customized by me)

All base artwork copywrite to their respective artists.


You may use the buttons provided below to link back to the
community. Please upload to your own server.


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